August Ames Commits Suicide: A 23-year-old Pornstar’s Untimely Demise

August Ames was set for porn stardom.

Online bullying drove her to suicide.

Adult film star August Ames was found dead in her California home on Tuesday, according to BuzzFeed. The erotic actress, who appeared in over 270 films, was 23 years old.

August, born Mercedes Grabowski, had starred in over 270 adult films since making her acting debut in 2013.

August Ames Pornstar Dead at 23

The Canadian actress’s official cause of death is by suicide hanging, members of the porn industry suspected mental illness combined with bullying lead to her untimely departure.

Just two days before Ames’s death, the porn star was a victim of cyberbullying after she posted a tweet on Sunday saying she refused to perform with a male actor who did gay pornography.

Shortly after Ames’s comments about working with “crossover performers”—porn stars who appear in gay and heterosexual scenes—she was bombarded with angry tweets accusing her of discriminating against the LGBTQ community and being anti-gay.

Ames defended her stance, writing that she was not homophobic, but decided not to shoot with men who have done gay porn for health reasons. “I’m not putting my body at risk, I don’t know what they do in their private lives,” she wrote.

August Ames Pornstar Dead at 23

“Missing the very important fact that NO ONE has the right to tell you who to have sex with. If someone doesn’t want to work with crossovers that is their right and should be bullied because the company didn’t disclose information to the talent, that most would expect,” she added.

In light of her death, porn site Brazzers opted not to post a scene she had shot for them which was scheduled for release on Wednesday evening (December 6).

August is survived by husband, film director, Kevin Moore, who released a statement through Adult Video News asking for privacy.

“She was the kindest person I ever knew and she meant the world to me,” he said.