McKayla Maroney Pics

McKayla Maroney Gets a Gold Medal for Posting on Social Media

McKayla Maroney has caused a sexy stir on the internet.

Is she on her way to becoming your regular “Instahottie”, or is there more in store such as webcams, stripping or signing up with a major porn producer?

If you don’t know Maroney, she was one of the United States’ star gymnasts during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Since then, Maroney has retired from gymnastics and now seems to focus her attention on her Instagram account. And we’d like to thank her for that. The short video of the 21-year old dancing in a scantily-clad outfit took the internet by storm. It was accompanied by the caption “another world premiere.”

Watch some gifs of what Maroney posted below:

GIF McKayla Maroney Gif 2
GIF McKayla Maroney Gif 1

The videos and gifs made from them went viral almost instantly, being viewed over 100,000 times in about 30 minutes along with thousands of comments.

With the huge reaction, Maroney took to Twitter to confirm that she didn’t in fact get hacked, as many had speculated.

Now with over 2 million views on the videos, McKayla Maroney may have found her new audience.

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