naked pizza delivery

Spotlight: Sex with Delivery Men

Is a Pizza Dare every Delivery Person’s dream come true?

A new fad of adult entertainment combining exhibition and voyeurism involves women showing off for their delivery man, and even having sex with them.

Given the fall of EroShare, and in a world of Uber Eats, Eat24, you can best keep up to date with all of this at

The concept of Pizza Dare is simple-

Order a pizza, and show your body to the delivery person. You could answer the door naked, or in your underwear. You could wear a towel, and drop it when you grab the pizza. How you do it is up to you, but the more skin, the better!

What better way to spruce up the lives of an every man that is doing his every day job? What’s better than just the tip? 

Pizza Dare shows you how one Topless Delivery leads to one Lucky Pizza Guy.

For instance, look at this girl in the BDSM outfit with the big zoop-zoops:

Some delivery men decide sexual gratification is not worth a paycheck:

Watch this teen get fingered on the sink, now that’s a delivery!

Here’s a girl giving her own version of Asian takeout:

Nothing better than a German girl that offers to fuck as payment for pizza, right?

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