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Meg Turney

Meg turney Snapchat

So, I’m offering all sorts of cool stuff for those badass MegaNerds who choose to join: time lapse videos of my cosplay builds, one-of-a-kind polaroids, backers-only game times, Snap Chat videos, EXCLUSIVE prints, some SUPER SEXY FUN TIME SHOOTS, AND SO MUCH MOOOORE.

Basically I want to create the content you want to see and this is a way for me to do that and to give my super fans some awesome exclusive stuffs!!


Hidori Rose

Hyaaaa, Hidori here! You may know me as a cam girl or as a ManyVids girl. I’ve been creating lewd content ever since I became and adult.
I consider myself a sex worker with an artistic side.

In the last year or so I’ve been leaning more and more towards creative content making rather than camming and I love bringing to life my favorite characters,
check my ManyVids page under the name Hidori (warning very NSFW).

You can support me there too but I’ll use this Patreon page for a lot of exclusive content that I won’t post anywhere else plus you can use PayPal here to get my content 🙂

Vera Bambi

Vera Bambi Snapchat Girl PatreonVera Bambi is creating YouTube Videos, Cosplay, Boobs and Butts and Noods and Wutts

I’m sorta kinda maybe a cosplayer, but not the super talented kind, just the kinda talented-ish kind. Ya Feel?

I love “nerdy” things in pop culture and creating sexy tribute artwork for the goodness of my soul. I also paid a lot for these boobs, so lets put them to work! What I do is a lot of fun and very silly in nature, sometimes I get very serious and sexy, but in the end it’s my goal to make you smile and fill my own heart with creative enjoyment.
Above all things, I am an entertainer!


Katyuska MoonFox

Katyuska MoonFox Snapchat Patreon

I am a cosplayer who dabbles in modelling when I feel inspired. I like to engage in multiple processes during a creative project and create scenes as opposed to just being shot. I am a gamer and geek who passions mainly lie with games and anime which has led to my career as a game developer, studying design and programming.

I am an artist and overall creative person who likes to learn new ways to leave an impression.

I have been doing cosplay/ modelling professionally for the past 2 years while at university, attending conventions for work and pleasure and running a print shop at various times throughout the past couple of years.

Mariah Mallad / Momokun

Mariah Mallad Momokun Snapchat Patreon

Hello, My name is Mariah, I go by Momokun. You may check out my website for more shoots and product. This is my patreon to help me create more content and turn a hobby into a career. I am very thankful to have you on board or even just casually looking. I try to keep things super simple here so message if you have any questions.


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